Awarness , Learning and Training service

Alexandria Stroke Board for the ESN

introduce bundles of learning and training of the Physician both Neurologist and non-neurologists to be ready to deal with stroke patients. This Bundles for ALT (Awareness , learning and training) are presented either physically through continuous medical activities like meetings , courses , hand-ons or online through our website platform of online training and education in cooperation with SVIN project , Basic Stroke Emergency Support (BSES) is an online, self-paced, interactive course appropriate for the full spectrum of health care providers managing stroke patients.

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Health Care system customization service

Another bundle of solution which aim at refining all parts of the stroke health care services chain starting from :-


Early recognition


Prompt EMS response


Transport, prehospital care, prearrival notification


ER Triage


ER evaluation incl, Lab, Rad, etc.


Appropriate therapies decision

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Accreditation , certification guidelines & auditing services

it is another axis of solution bundle aim at helping in

1- certifying physicians who will deal with stroke and neurovascular emergency

2- accrediting hospitals in the network according their capabilities and SOP to either Level 1 , 2, or 3 services of care where (level 3 : is comprehensive stroke center, Level 2: primary stroke center , Level 1: hospital ready for stroke patients)

3- guidelines customization to fit what is local culture needs without impacting the efficacy of health care service quality . additionally helping hospitals to develop their SOP (standard operating protocols) and workflow and workload for stroke services.

4- Auditing and quality monitoring of all network services to keeping it at peak of the performance. this achieved by developing special metrics of control like ( door to puncture time , registering the cases , transparency factor of complication rate)

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Since 1993

Egyptian Stroke Netwok -Alex Prototype Scope

Egyptian Stroke Netwok -Alex Prototype Scope. It is a MENA-SINNO initiative and Bundles of solutions , Invented and directed by Prof Dr Ossama Yassin Mansour , to be implemented over 3 years starting 2016. This Bundles will pursue and promote the following overall strategies which divided into 3 PHASES as follow :.

It is a MENA-SINNO initiative and  Bundles of solutions , Invented and directed by Prof Dr Ossama Yassin Mansour , to be implemented over 3 years starting 2016 . This Bundles will pursue and promote the following overall strategies which divided into 3 PHASES as follow :


  1. LVO Gap analysis.
  2. creating and reforming the current EMS system to service the stroke dispatching process
  3. creating communication bundle between different regional health care hotspots
  4. geographical organization of the health care services with accreditation programs to standardize stroke services
  5. MT metrics tracking
  6. Public awareness campaign: stroke disability is now largely reversible if treated rapidly
  7. Government lobbying to pass legislation for
    1. Rapid triage  of stroke patients with LVO’s to appropriate stroke centers equipped with   stroke interventional labs (Rapid Triage of Right patients to the Right Hospital )
    2. Allocation of resources for acute stroke systems of care communities EMS education regarding rapid triage of LVO, current LVO treatments,
    3. Modernization of pre-hospital stroke notification systems
  8. Establish New Financial models to improve rapid access to MT in countries without health insurance
  9. re auditing and metric settings to continually improve the network
  10. futuristic Alexandria per rural for Collaboration to Reduce Stroke Disparities (FAlex-PR CReSD) to act as nucleus to other areas in egypt


  1. Road and action plan
  2. Staffing and personal management
  3. Communication and connection management
  4. IT & other facilitating tech. Algorithms
  5. Public & Private Priming and orientation
  6. Patch and latch protocol To help medical services upgrades
  7. clustering and organization
  8. Protocols, SOPs, Guidelines writing
  9. Hierarchy of steering and auditing committees
  10. Training , Education , and Translation

PHASE 3 ( quality control & follow up metrics-On going ) 

Resources from where ?

  1. Partner with worldwide medical societies: Multi-stakeholder Campaign
  2. Partner with Industry (Stryker , Balt)
  3. Engage Third party entity with experience to coordinate:
    1. public awareness
    2. lobbying campaigns  ( Rotary )
    3. MT tracking


alexandria prototype

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