Our Approach

About us

The Alexandria Stroke Board , is a forum of very specialized and very esteemed political and administrative personnel. Their target and aim is to develop the stroke care services at alexandria city as prototype to guide all parts of Egypt in similar way for the seek of the patient health .

It is officially acknowledged by MENA Organization of Stroke and interventional neurology  and by the European stroke Organization.

Stroke Board

It is the task Group  Under Leadership of Professor Dr Dean of faculty of medicine Alexandria University , Dr Health Deputy minister in alexandria  , Major General Head of Military Mustafa Kamal Hospital. President of Egyptian stroke society .

World Stroke Organization Board Director,   having the task to develop and improve the stroke care system at the national level.

This Forum is the Regional leading organization in the fight against stroke. It was established in October 2016  with the purpose of creating one National-regional voice for stroke.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the National  burden of stroke through prevention, treatment and long term care. We aim to accomplish its mission by:

  • Fostering the best standards of practice
  • Increasing stroke awareness among the population and among health professionals
  • Preventing subtle cerebrovascular disease leading to gait disorders, imbalance, vascular cognitive impairment and behavioural changes
  • Influencing policies for stroke prevention and improved health services
  • Providing education in collaboration with public and private organizations
  • Facilitating stroke research advocacy for people with stroke
  • Fostering the development of systems and organisations for long term support of stroke survivors and their families
  • The most special Mission is to create the national stroke Bundles for Care and management and connecting those bundle together to invite the true stroke management cycle for servicing those stroke patients.

Our Story

Our Story

This Forum is the multi-National’s leading organization in the fight against stroke. It was designed to exist  in October 2013 Under Umbrella Of MENA-SINO with the purpose of creating one National-regional voice for stroke.

Our Honorarium

Alexandria Stroke Network Board


Prof Dr Wael Nabil

Faculty of Medicine Dean

ASNB Chairman

Dr Said Maemoun Elsaaqaan

Health deputy minster for

Medical Insurance

Prof Dr Farouk Talaat

Professor of neurology

Dr Anany Ismail

Health deputy minster 

Prof Dr Ashraf Galal

Alexandria medical Syndicate Chairman

SO/MG/DR Khalid Farag

General Major 

Head of Mustafa Kamal Military Hospital

Prof Dr Fathy Afify

Chairman of Egyptian Stroke Society 

Alexandria Stroke Network

Forum Executive Board

Prof Dr Wael Nabil

Dean of Faculty of medicine

Prof Dr Tamer Abdalla

CEO of Alexandria University Hospitals 

Prof Dr Ashraf Abdo

Professor of Neurology

Chairman of ESNNP

Prof Dr Hazem Marouf

Professor of Neurology

Prof Dr Ehab Reda

Professor of Radiology

Prof Dr Mohamed Hamdi

Professor of Neurology

Prof Ossama Yassin Mansour

Founder & designer Of Egyptian stroke

Network-Alexandria Prototype Project

President Of MENA-SINO

Prof Dr Sameh Saeed

Professor of Neurology

Head of Neuropsychiatry Department

Prof Dr Ismail Ramadan

Professor of Neurology

Exc.Director of Stroke center

Prof Dr Waleed Elsadany

Head and professor of Neurosurgery 

Prof Dr Tamer Hassen

 Professor of Neurosurgery 

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