EGYPTIAN stroke network project (Alex prototype):

By Prof Ossama Yassin Mansour

They are proposed bundles of steps proposed to be applicable through time to improve the stroke care system , it was to be implemented on a prototype (Alexandria city) as pilot phase to expanded to cover all Egypt. This solution and bundles were planned after conclusion Phase I of the project which was collecting data & statistics to shape the problem.

A. Rehab & recovery

B. Continuous quality control

C. Acute care

D. EMS & Prehospital

Stroke App for SmartPhone

E. Primary prevention

F. Secondary prevention


futuristic Alexandria per rural for Collaboration to Reduce Stroke Disparities (FAlex-PR CReSD)

The FAlex-PR CReSD aims to facilitate the improvement  of stroke care delivery and the achievement of the best patient outcomes by:

  • Identifying disparities in stroke care
  • Developing, disseminating, and demonstrating interventions to reduce disparities in stroke care
  • Leveraging multilevel collaborations across institutions (Universities ,military , Police, Medical ensurance, Private , Health ministry ), agencies (ESNPN, ESC,ESVS), and the community (Stroke Victors and caregivers)