Discharge and rehabilitation

Around 40% of stroke patients are well enough to be discharged home from the Hyper Acute Stroke Unit (HASU) after a short stay. Some, but not all, will need further rehabilitation support.

Patients who have been transferred to their District Stroke Centre in their local hospital may need rehabilitation before they are discharged. Similarly, patients for whom the HASU is also their local hospital may be moved to a stroke rehabilitation ward before going home.

Rehabilitation usually starts when the patient is in hospital and continues when they go home via stroke Early Supported Discharge or Community Rehabilitation services. These teams are mostly community based therapists and other healthcare professionals and they work closely with hospital stroke units and also voluntary sector organisations, who can offer extra services and support.

Across Alexandria Stroke Network , our boroughs fund different community rehabilitation services and we are working to ensure there is equity of care for patients after their stroke.

You can find out more about rehabilitation and discharge here and learn about about the work we are doing on discharge summaries and rehabilitation.